1) Can I use any font?

Yes, as long as it's embedded (outlined) on the document. If you are using Illustrator or InDesign, highlight the text, select 'type' in the top menu and choose 'create outlines'. In Microsoft Word, click the 'options' tab. Once that's open, switch over to the 'save' tab. Select 'embed fonts in the file' and click 'ok', then resave your file.

2) How do I make sure my images look defined and not pixelated?

This comes down to the number of pixels in your image. To ensure the image will be defined, we recommend images are between 150dpi and 300 dpi (dots per inch). Anything less than 100dpi may appear pixelated.

3) What type of files do you accept?

We accept PDF, JPEG and TIFF.

4) Do you accept Microsoft Word files?

Unfortunately, Microsoft Word is not a print ready format. More modern versions of Microsoft Word can save files as PDF, that is okay to send to us. To save as a PDF, click 'file', and then 'save as', and select 'PDF' as the format, instead of '.doc'. If there is no option on your Word version, there is an online tool that will convert your Word file for free, zamzar.com. Please, check the converted file carefully as elements of your design may move or change.

5) What is bleed?

And why is it important? Bleed is the area between the trim marks and the rest of the paper. This area should have continued colour or design from your artwork. They will be cut off from your document but it guarantees there will be no unprinted edges in the final trimmed document. Bleed marks are usually .125”.

6) Can I print it single and double sided?

Yes, it's up to you.

7) What types of fold do you offer?

We offer single fold (so your leaflet has 4 pages) and bi fold (so your leaflet has 6 pages). The bi fold can be a c fold or z fold.

8) Is the carry case free?

All our floor roller banners (from 33.5” wide) comes with a free handy case, so you can easily pack it away and transport to the next location. Our Table top banners do not come with a case